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Aarnatek is a leading kiosk solutions provider in India due to our experience which supports and helps us to understand the requirements and initiate us to provide best solutions through interactive information kiosk.With over 20 Years of Industry experience in different areas, Our Team Leaders are from Engineering background and understand the importance of Quality, Reliability and method of adhering to compliances.



Aarnatek has high and efficient supplying chain for kiosk peripherals and manufactures its high quality enclosures in cost-effective way and has a competitive advantage to keep costs under control, timelines & budgets under control and the ability to make quick changes to assist our customers in making their projects successful.

Aarnatek provides OEM and complete custom kiosk hardware solutions for every imaginable application including retail, finance, banking, ticketing, internet access, information check, government, communications, digital signage advertising & media, insurance, gaming, tourism, health care, leisure, ATM's, post, photo booths, and many others.


Aarnatek offers vertically-integrated kiosk solutions — from design & manufacturing to cutting-edge software development — all under one roof. We’ve made customizing the perfect kiosk solution for any industry & environment.


Manufacturer of indoor and outdoor kiosks, interactive digital signage and self-service software kiosks while offering a full line of kiosk products with a variety of freestanding, wall in, wall mount and desktop options.


Our clients depend upon us to deliver quality and value as well as sophisticated and effective deployment solutions. Specialising in design, fabrication, assembly, development.

After Sales Service

Aarnatek uses the reliable and high quality components with extended warranty with a reasonably priced option



Kiosk helps in saving time, Branding and Advertising, Improvising Customer Buying Experience, Adds Customer Database, Enhances Todays Consumer shopping pattern, Activates sales and loyalty, and validates product ideas.Kiosk provides accessibility for the consumer to the plethora of activities in terms of brands and loyalty and are usually installed at the airports, apartment offices and hotel lobbies. They are also used in the retail and consumer industry.


Aarnatek caters to most of the industries who largely depend on Outdoor advertisements and Mass marketing Media attention seeking events with a large client base in promotions, Advertising and sales of their products to wide mass market.


A team who exhibits an extraordinary and stimulated enery that shares a typical faith in the estimation of inventiveness, working with honesty, and driving through advancement. Aarnatek Systems is centered around development, enhancement and deployment while while exhibiting pioneers. Systems are well in place to recruit the best and able workforce with expertise and willingness to foresee the future and convert the same into reality with numbers.


AarnaTek is at present looking for organizations who are keen on being on par with the World's leading manufactures. For more details, queries, clarifications and questions, Think of Us